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Many people face computer problems but they don’t know who to turn to. The frustrations of technical issues become real every day for those who depend on computers.

Backh Online is dedicated to offering the best online tech support experience. We are a US-based company with a focus on helping customers resolve issues with their Mac, PC, and other devices. Our 24/7 services allow customers to reach out and post questions at any time.

Explaining tech issues on the phone is not easy. They are quite complex in nature and require a more specific approach. And that’s why Backh Online was created.

We have been operating for the past several years. Our aim is to create a convenient environment where our customers can get tech support remotely.

Online Computer Support Explained

Online computer support is a means of providing information and assistance using remote desktop software. It connects tech experts to those who have issues using their computers, helping them resolve them while working.

If you are looking for remote tech support, consider online computer support. Many agree that it’s the perfect solution for those in need of software assistance, virus issues, and other things that affect computer performance.

The IT support team works through remote desktop sharing to access your computer and offer appropriate assistance. The user gets the required support immediately.

Services We Offer
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Who Needs Online Tech Support?

The world today depends on computers and technology. However, there are many issues that may arise from their use. For instance, you can be in the midst of your work and the computer hangs immediately due to a virus attack. IT support comes in handy, helping you continue working.


Common computer issues include:

  • Computer infection

  • Software or hardware conflict

  • Software setups

  • Disk cleaning

  • PC optimization

Users can get help through online computer support without visiting physical shops. The convenience of this support is perfect for every need.

Users of company and home PCs will largely benefit from this service. There has been a high rate of success reported by both customers and IT support experts. The remote computer access connects you to computer experts.

What Our Satisfied Clients Have to Say

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"The guys at Backh Online helped me solve my tech issues in a matter of minutes! I highly recommend their services!"

Liam Okal

“Kyle helped me set up my router so I could get back to gaming! He walked me through step by step. Totally made my day!”

Marcus Strauser

“I needed to get help fast! Backh Online was able to quickly teach me how to setup Boot Camp on my Macbook!”

Suyash Sriram

Why Us?

Finding the right online tech support expert is crucial. The pandemic has forced many people to work remotely on their computers. This has increased computer service requests, and consequently, the number of online computer support companies. Not many will give you what you need.

Backh Online is dedicated to ensuring you get the most convenient solution to all your issues. Our customer support team is always ready to take all your questions. We make sure you don’t get disappointing results.

Reach us now and enjoy the following features.



We are very serious about your privacy and security. You will see a lock on your browser address bar. We apply the highest level of encryption to ensure your safety.


24/7 support

Backh Online operates 24/7, 365 days a year. Reach out and post your question at any time. There is always someone ready to respond within a short time.


Our team is comprised of highly competent and experienced tech experts in Windows, Mac, Linux, and many other operating systems. We have resolved a wide range of issues over the period of our existence. Hence, you can be sure to get a suitable solution.

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A one-stop-shop for tech support

Backh Online is one place to get all your computer issues fixed. Transition smoothly between getting assistance via virtual calls, chats, DIY guides, and much more. Set your own time and schedule a callback.


The best expert advice

Our tech experts speak your language. They are vastly experienced and have all the right tools for the job. Apart from troubleshooting, we offer free advice on certain issues.


A trustworthy support

Backh Online aims to be a market leader and go-to solution in online tech support. With our years of experience in the industry, we have become a leader in delivering technical support on all brands and devices.


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